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Hurricane Season

We here at Jupiter Hills Village Realty, Inc. hope you are having a fun, safe and healthy summer. The dog days of summer are here, so be sure to always wear sunscreen and hydrate!

Hurricane Season is also upon us, and we are approaching the busiest months. The Atlantic Season runs from June 1st through November, with mid-August until late October being the busiest time. If you are a seasoned veteran of being “in the cone,” you are well aware of necessary preparations and precautions. People who have a solid plan in place (should we stay or go?) will always fare better than the people who are waiting until the last minute to figure something out. If you are new to Florida, hurricanes can spawn tornadoes, torrential downpours and flooding, winds exceeding 155 miles per hour and catastrophic damage to entire communities. Some excellent resources that can help you get ready in the event of a storm are your local news stations, your county website, and the National Hurricane Center website. There are usually pamphlets in the local grocery stores with lists of items you will need and a tracking map as well. Be safe and smart this Hurricane Season!

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